At Beautea we LOVE looking after skin!

Seeing amazing results and changing a person's skin for the better is what we are all about.

Every skin has different needs so we have taken the guess work out on which facial to have by offering bespoke facials tailored to you personally every time you visit.

We have a huge knowledge on skin care and nutrition for the skin, treating our clients in a holistic way and achieving the most amazing results.

Come and experience the holistic difference, your skin and overall wellbeing will love it!

The Discovery Facial

An in-depth skin consultation followed by a half hour facial, introducing you to the home care recommended for your skin. This will give your skin a boost and get you started on your journey to holistic skin health.

30 minute facial


The Beautea Facial

This is our most popular facial at Beautea, the ultimate in skin care and relaxation. We will start with an in depth consultation to see where your skin is and what it is needing on the day of your facial so each time it is customized for your skin. You will receive a facial massage like no other specifically designed to create luminous glowing skin!

60 minute facial


The Luxe Facial

Our Luxe Facial is for those of you wanting the best of the best! This will be customized for what your skin and body is needing on the day of your facial and you will be sent into deep relaxation with our specialized facial massage designed specifically to manually lift, stimulate blood flow, collagen and elastin and improve the tone of the skin. This facial is highly recommended and is the perfect gift.

90 minute facial


The Osmosis Facial-Infusion

The Osmosis Facial-Infusion is for our clients who have been on a Osmosis Vitamin A serum at home for at least 3 months. Using a concentrated, high dose Vitamin A infusion this treatment works to create new cell turnover, nourish, heal & treat. Leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

60 minute facial