Osmosis Harmonized Water Hormone Health 100ml

Osmosis Harmonized Water Hormone Health 100ml


Includes: Vigor, Women’s Hair and Nails, Hormone Balance and Thyroid. Osmosis Hormone Health Harmonized Water reduces unwanted symptoms of menopause for a more balanced daily experience. 


  • Harmonizes menopausal symptoms to reduce unwanted ailments associated with the transitional stage
  • Balances hormone irregularities to reduce menopausal symptoms
  • Can be used by anyone over 18 to balance hormone levels
  • Diminishes pain and aches associated with menopause
  • Reduces mood swings associated with hormonal imbalances

Use For
Hormone imbalance including infertility, hair loss, libido, menopause, man-o-pause, and thyroid deficiencies. 

Take 5 pumps am and pm.

Distilled Water, Multiple Vibrational Frequency Blends.

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