Osmosis Clear Activating Mist 100ml

Osmosis Clear Activating Mist 100ml


Clear (Activating Mist) aids in product absorption through Osmosis (diffusion of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration).

Promotes young and clear skin, leaving the skin luminous.

Universal facial conditioner. Enhances product absorption.

Skin Types
All Skin Types.

Spray on this frequency enhanced water to heal, rejuvenate and further drive products into the skin. It can be used directly on irritated skin to calm it.

Clear must be used in conjunction will all our serums to maximise absorption of serums into the skin. Spray 4-5 pumps after serum and massage into the skin. May repeat, if desired. This is a vital part of the Osmosis protocol to achieve maximum results.

Harmonized Water.

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