QT Belle for Her - Internal Collagen Supplement

QT Belle for Her - Internal Collagen Supplement


Bellē is a beauty and anti-ageing formula rich in bioavailable ingredients that work in synergy to transform your looks and wellbeing.

Belle is designed to reverse fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate the complexion and increase hair and nail strength. Each ingredient works to bring a new radiance to the skin and improve your health.
Tremella, the incredible anti-aging botanical, works in unison with collagen to visibly hydrate and nourish the skin and enhance bone and joint strength. Natural Silica boosts collagen synthesis and eliminates toxins in the gut, enabling the greater uptake of nutrients, while Vitamin C also maximises the absorption of nutrients allowing for optimal results. Lotus is a powerful antioxidant that counteracts free radical damage, making the skin more resistant to lifestyle aging.

Build your good looks from the inside out with Bellē.


*Counteracts the signs of ageing

*Improves hair and nail strength

*Clears blemishes

*Reduces joint pain and increases bone strength

*Brightens the complexion

*Reduces cellulite

*Promotes healthy sleep patterns

To enhance your results, take Bellē with Encore.

 Passionfruit-flavoured drink formula.

100% natural ingredients.

Gluten-free and dairy-free.

NZ Made.

4.5 grams of collagen per 7 gram serve.

220 grams per container. 30-day supply.

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