Our Intention

At beautea our aim is to transform your skin, looking after you holistically so we see true lasting results.

Skin care is only one part of the story when treating the skin and our experienced skin therapists have extensive knowledge on dermo nutrition - looking after your complexion from within that leaves you with fresh, glowing, beautiful skin and overall wellbeing.

All of our skin care is highly active, not tested on animals and works with you to achieving amazing results. This slow beauty approach is unique and is the way of the future in how we take care of our selves.

Our goal is to teach and guide you with simple changes which will not only have an impact on outer beauty, but your inner wellness too!

The Slow Beauty Movement

At Beautea we have made the conscious decision to be a part of The Slow Beauty Movement in our treatments and when taking care of our clients, this is a holistic approach that we believe is the only way to get true change with the skin.

Our therapists have extensive training on how to achieve long lasting results with skin concerns from Acne, Psoriasis, Peri Oral Dermatitis, Eczema and Aging and are confident we can help you in a way that not only makes you look better, but you will feel better as well!

"The more I learn about my own skin/body and with what I see from clients and their concerns I needed more information and understanding on why I wasn't achieving permanent results. After a lot of training with Janine Tait I am now confident I have found the answer and by treating our clients holistically I have seen incredible results. It just makes sense that when dealing with skin issues we need to address the "why" something is happening on the skin internally and correct that before you get a true visible outcome on the outside"

- Jenna Hitchcock, Director of Beautea


Jenna is the owner of Beautea and has over 13 years experience in the beauty industry and focuses on a holistic approach with her clients not just with their skincare but over all wellbeing.

Her expertise is correcting and looking after skin holistically, and her facials are like no other!!

When she is not at Beautea seeing clients you will find her at the beach with her pup Arlo, practising Yoga or Pilates, or with her nose in a book!

 Jenna has a creative mind that is constantly learning  and developing her awareness to pass on that knowledge on to others.

She is currently studying Professional Coaching with hopes of helping other women in business as well as her clients live a more inspired, joyful life.

To read more about Jenna check out her blog The Wellness Seeker.



Mish is our Senior Therapist at Beautea and has worked as a Beauty Therapist both in New Zealand and Australia for the last 6 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and care to her clients.

She has had extensive education with Janesce, our skin care for holistically looking after your skin and her favourite treatment is The Beautea Facial.

Mish is a perfectionist with eyebrows and is our go to girl for lash lifting!

Fun Fact: Jenna and Mish are cousins, and Mish's name is actually Ashleigh but we have been calling her Mish since she was a tiny babe!

She has a 3 year old son named Beau, who loves watching the Cheifs rugby team, Mish and Jenna's cousin Mitchel plays for them and Beau is his number one supporter! 

You will find Mish hanging out with her family and relaxing on the weekends.



Shona is a qualified Massage Therapist working from Beautea.

She has healing hands and an intuitive touch to help release tension and provide pure relaxation.

Shona has flexible hours and you can book with her by contacting her mobile +6421400071 or find her on Facebook here Ora Massage Therapy.